Lowrance Elite 4 HDI Review

The Lowrance Elite 4 HDI is another fantastic offering within the Lowrance line-up. It’s one of the smallest in the series, but still boasts all of the impressive technology which makes the Elite HDI fish finders some of the best at their price point. The HDI feature is something which is rapidly becoming almost essential since the hybrid view allows you to see things you simply won’t pick up with standard sonar or DownScan imaging.

Lowrance Elite 4 HDI


Screen: 4” 16-bit Color Screen

Transducer Type: Transom Mount

Frequencies: 83/200 or 455/800 kHz

Power: 500W RMS

Effective Depth: 3,000’ @ 50 kHz in low range CHIRP


Compact, Innovative, and Powerful


HDI is an acronym for hybrid dual imaging, and that’s the primary feature of this innovative fish finder. With this amazing addition to sonar technology, you’ll receive a view without peer that will allow you to quickly and easily spot your prey from the safety of your boat almost as if you were in the water. The fish arcs from the standard sonar will be displayed overlaying the bottom, and even fish that are hidden from either view on their own will show up in clear detail


It comes with all the usual features that you’d expect to find in a fish finder, including the ability to read temperature and your vessel’s speed. On top of that it comes with Navionics Gold software and a powerful GPS so you’ll never have to worry about not being able to find your favorite spot again. It also features a waterproof micro-SD slot which will easily allow you to bring your waypoints with you when you’re done with the unit for the day.


The compact size makes the Elite 4 HDI perfect for a smaller, center console vessel. It reads down to about 750ft. With the addition of an optional Broadband Sounder, however, you can more than triple this distance and be able to read down to an impressive 3000’. Either way, this is a perfect sonar unit for the angler with a small boat.


Lowrance has a lot to be recommended in their software as well. Almost any angler will find plenty of use out of the Advanced Signal Processing, which will adjust your settings on the fly and save you time. You’ll also be glad to know that it features TrackBack technology which will allow you to go back to previous scans so you don’t have to worry about missing a detail.




For the angler with a smaller vessel, this might be exactly the fish finder you’ve always wanted. It comes in at a fantastic price for its advanced functions, and you’ll be amazed at clarity of the screen. You won’t have to mess with the settings much, and this unit is good to go right out of the box once you become acquainted with its easy interface. It comes with a one year warranty as well, on the off-chance, there’s some manufacturing error present in the device. For the recreational fisherman with a small boat, the Elite 4 HDI might just be too good of a bargain to pass up.


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